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American Flag Proportions

Standard Proportions For The United States Flag

Standard Proportions

Hoist (width) of flag (A) 1.0
Fly (length) of flag (B) 1.9
Hoist (width) of Union (C) 0.5385 (7/13)
Fly (length) of Union (D) 0.76
(E) 0.054
(F) 0.054
(G) 0.063
(H) 0.063
Diameter of star (K) 0.0616
Width of stripe (L) 0.0769 ( 1/13)


Section 1. The flag of the United States shall have thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white, and a union consisting of white stars on a field of blue.

Section 2. The positions of the stars in the union of the flag and in the union jack shall be as indicated on the attachment to this order, which is hereby made a part of this order.

Section 3. The dimensions of the constituent parts of the flag shall conform to the proportions set forth in the attachment referred to in Part II below.


The following sizes of flags are authorized for executive agencies:

Dimensions of Flag
Size Hoist
  Feet Feet
(1) 20.00 38.00
(2) 10.00 19.00
(3) 8.95 17.00
(4) 7.00 11.00
(5) 5.00 9.50
(6) 4.33 5.50
(7) 3.50 6.65
(8) 3.00 4.00
(9) 3.00 5.70
(10) 2.37 4.50
(11) 1.32 2.50

View the Government drawing (45k gif 1493pixels w x 879 pixels h) specifying the Flags dimensions.

Proper Flag Size:

Size is based upon the height of the flagpole and number of flags going on that pole.

  1. One flag on a pole:
    *for flags mounted on roofs, the width of the flag should be the length of the pole
    *for flags on outrigger poles, the flag should be 3/8 to the length of the pole
  2. Freestanding flagpoles:
    *the width of a standard-sized flag should be 1/4 the height of the flagpole Here’s helpful charts to determine the relationship of the flag size to flagpole height

Recommended Flag Sizes

Ground Set Poles Roof-Mounted Poles
Exposed Pole Height Flag Size Exposed Pole Height Flag Size
15'-20' 3'x5' 15' 4'x6'
25' 4'x6' 20'-30' 5'x8'
30'-35' 5'x8' 35'-40' 6'x10'
40'-45' 6'x10' 45'-50' 8'x12'
50' 8'x12' 50'-65' 9'x15'
60'-65' 10'x15' 70'-75' 10'x15'
70'-80' 12'x18'    
90'x100' 15'x25'    

Wall Mounted Poles

Vertical Outrigger
Pole Height Above Wall Flag Size Pole Length Flag Size
12'-15' 4'x6' 8' 3'x5'
16'x30' 5'x8' 10'-12' 4'x6'
35'-40' 6'x10' 15'-16' 5'x8'
    16'-23' 6'x10'
  • Oversized flags, use one size larger than the chart above.
  • Multiple flags on the same pole :
    *the top flag should be larger than in the chart above
    *generally, the flags below the top flag are one size smaller


Flag Materials

2-Ply Polyester: 100% woven, spun Polyester, this is the most durable flag material ever created. With the look of cotton, this material was designed and engineered especially for industrial, commercial or institutional use or wherever severe climactic conditions exist. Brand Names: Tough-Tex, Koralex II, Champion, Polywavez, Poly-Max, PolyExtra.

Nylon: Describes flags made of 100% SolarMax nylon for outdoor use. Strong and durable, special parachute cloth treatment reduces sun and chemical deterioration. Brand Names: Dura-Lite, Durawavez, Perma-Nyl, Nyl-Glo Signature Series, Endura-Nylon, Nylon I, Sun-Glo.

Heavy-Weight Cotton: Spun from sturdy 2-ply carded yarns. Vat dyed in limited colors. Our heavy-weight cotton fabric is most often used today when recreating an authentic historical look and feel of a time gone by. Brand Names: Bulldog, Best, Ultrawavez, Endura-Tex.

Knit Polyester: This 4 oz. knit Polyester material has an open weave and a high sheen. Strong and sturdy, it also provides for a high-gloss look and resilient memory stretch. Brand Names: Det-Glo, Ultra-Knit, Endura-Poly, Polysave.

Silk Polyester: Lustrous silk-like Polyester dyed in brilliant colors is mainly used in small stick flags from 4×6 inches up through 24×36 inches. Brand Names: Val-Prin, Empire Brand.

Banner Satin: Featuring a rich elegant shine, high-gloss Banner Satin is the custom fabric of choice for single-sided banners of simple design. Can be finished in a variety of ways. For indoor use only. Limited colors available.

Tackle Twill: A heavyweight blend of 62% Rayon and 38% cotton, its duplex finish (rich sheen on one side, matte on the other) makes it most appropriate for flags that will be viewed from one side only or for double construction flags .

Cotton Sheeting: Selected heavy cotton sheeting. An exceptional buy for the budget minded. Used mainly for U.S. Flags and decorations. Brand Names: Everwear, Pioneer, Reliance.

Vinyl: Great for outdoor use. Tough 13 ounce banner fabric that is highly resistant to tearing or ripping. It is also mildew and U.V. Resistant. The 16 ounce weight is used for double sided applications.

Sunbrella: 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber that gives excellent fade and weather resistance. This canvas awning fabric is the strongest choice for light post or boulevard banners.

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